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Other Services
Vendor Selection
We can help practices implement the best possible technology solutions, starting with the RFP design process through vendor selection and product implementation.
Cybersecurity Consulting Services
Our team can provide cybersecurity audits, consultations, software, and management services to ensure your organization's "cyber health" in an age of increasing threats in industries of all kinds.  We provide a variety of product and service offerings that ensures your practice's HIPAA and cybersecurity, including an enterprise SIEM/XDR solution as well as cyber insurance.
Data Analytics, Design, & Transformation Services
Do you need a "data detective" to help you answer questions, find solutions, and improve efficiency in your organization? We can use your existing systems and data sources and/or help you acquire supplemental data needed to answer key questions. We can help you design new reports and enhance existing reporting tools.  Our team can help you with the data design to support your new product offering or data initiative.  We can also help you prepare data for a new system implementation, as well as design necessary interfaces.
For Vendors - Product Management Support
With more than 50 years of product management experience our team can provide a variety services including feature design, roadmap development, customer and market research, and development management for EHR/RIS vendors in need.
For Vendors - Contract Training, Support, and Implementation Services
Is your company overwhelmed with trying to provide training, support, & implementation services for your enterprise products?  Our team has extensive experience in providing these services across a wide variety of industries, including in academia, healthcare, and sport and fitness. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and timelines.