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LAW Features

Our LAW platform provides a "one-stop-shop" to manage all radiology operational needs. 

General features include:

• system access anytime, anywhere

• automatic staff email notifications and reminders

• secure, encrypted, privilege-based access to records and materials

• quickly deployable SaaS model, with the ability to download records on demand

Learning management system (LMS) features include:

• an assortment of HIPAA, cybersecurity, OSHA, radiation protection, and other training modules

• ability to easily incorporate custom course materials

• on-line testing, training management, and recordkeeping

• auto scheduling and assignments for periodic training

Auditing features include:

• pre-built, customizable audit templates (for HIPAA, cybersecurity, radiation protection, and other audits)

• on-line auditing, audit management, and recordkeeping

• auto scheduling and assignments for audits

Policy management features include:

• electronic signatures and acknowledgement for policies and procedures

• auto scheduling and assignments for policy review

Additional features/modules include:

• Staff scheduling

• RFP/vendor management

• Project management