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LAW Platform
Our LAW platform allows you to assign your employees a variety of public training courses including: 

• Cybersecurity (multiple modules)
• HIPAA (multiple modules)
• Bloodborne Pathogens
• Workplace Ergonomics
• Noise Protection
• Radiation Protection
• TB Awareness
• TB Control
• Hazard Communication
• Medicare Compliance
• Fire Safety
• First Aid
• Lock Out/Tag Out
• Meaningful Use
• PQRS Compliance

You can upload your own custom materials to supplement these courses or create your own courses and course templates, complete with your own test questions.....no programming required. There is no need to maintain cumbersome paperwork. LAW maintains all of the documentation of course attendance & completion.

For ease & efficiency, LAW allows you to make bulk assignments to staff by utilizing course and user groups. You can initiate automated email reminders to your staff, and you can even assign policies and procedures for review and electronic signature. Your records are available on demand on-line and can be downloaded on demand in spreadsheet format.

For your staff, LAW is equally simple. They simply logon securely, view their course assignments, and complete them according to your assignment schedule.  Public course modules are presented in an intuitive, self-paced slide format. All that is needed in an Internet connection and a LAW account to get started.

Compare the cost of implementing LAW to what you currently spend in time & money to get the equivalent training done, then contact us. We look forward to your call!

New Auditing Tools!  LAW provides a suite of internal auditing tools that help your practice maintain compliance with HIPAA and cybersecurity standards!  Start with the provided audit templates, customize them, or build your own.  You assign the frequency, types of audits, and who is to complete them.  You'll even get reminders when audits are due!